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Hey! Thanks for checking out our FAQ page. These are the most commonly asked questions we receive, so we thought it would be a good idea to post them for everyone to see. We pride ourselves on honesty about our business and think you’ll find these most helpful when ordering from us. Any additional questions you may have, please feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll get you an answer ASAP. We aim to please and try extremely hard to make ordering from our website or call center a painless and happy process.

Ordering & Shipping Questions

Are the prices on your website in US Dollars?

They sure are! We’re located in the good ‘ole US of A and all of the prices on the site are in US Dollars. For the latest currency exchange rates, we recommend using Google’s currency converter which is up to the minute and quite reliable.

Why don’t you ship to Brazil & few other countries?

We actually ship to over 200 countries, but we have found some countries to be more difficult than others to securely deliver orders to you. Due to high theft and fraud occurrences, we are constantly checking the deliverability and security of shipping to countries that we deem high risk. Until we can guarantee your order is going to arrive in excellent condition (or arrive at all) we’re prefer not to put you, your money and your time at risk by shipping there. For more on international shipping, check this page out.

How long do international orders take to arrive?

Well, that all depends on where you’re located. We ship to Europe and Asia daily and orders typically arrive within 10-14 business days at the most. Canada, Mexico, Australia and South America take even less time. Of course there are expedited shipping options you can use at checkout if you’re in a rush or give us a call and we’ll do our best to safely and securely ship your order to your international destination as quickly as possible.

Is shipping free for orders going outside the US (international) also?

As much as we’d like to ship everything for free, the international restrictions and costs prohibit us from doing so. We do however maintain the lowest international shipping rates as possible to ensure fast, safe delivery.

When do out-of-stock items usually become available to purchase again?

Frankly, it’s hard to tell. Our inventory changes rather quickly and a lot depends on what popular brands and styles are in high demand. Call our customer service department for the VIP treatment and we’ll do our best to track down what you’re looking for.

Why didn’t I receive an email confirmation after placing my order?

There are a few instances where our order or shipping confirmation emails can end up in those pesky junk mail or spam folders. Give those folders a check and if you still can’t find it, give us a call or email us and we’ll be sure to resend it ASAP.

What if I receive a defective item?

We try our best to make sure that DOES NOT EVER happen to you, but stranger things have happened. So if it does, no problem! If you have received an items you think is defective or not functioning as expected, simply contact us within 5 days of receiving it to avoid a restocking fee. And we want to avoid that, so just give us a call or emailus with 5 days or getting your order and we will expedite your return or exchange.

How do I process a self-return label?

That’s easy! First, check out our helpful info here on our returns information page. Then, to process a return, simply log into your account, proceed to Order History and click Order Details next to the item listed that you wish to return, and follow the prompts there. Of course you can always call us to assist as well.

Promotion & Discount Questions

How do I find your best offers & discounts?

The absolute best way to save the most money on your purchase is the receive our shopping alert email newsletters. Sign up here and you’re guaranteed to get first dibs on the best selections and exclusive pricing we have to offer on in-stock products.

I found a better offer on your website for the product I just purchased. What do I do?

Offers do change regularly based on available inventory and our promotional schedule. Sometimes these do bring prices lower but once an offer is applied to an existing order, we can't change it or price match it.

Where do I find “Stress Free Payments”?

Stress free payments, when available on certain items, are found right on the product detail page. Look for them right next to the sale price of your item. It will call out the number of payments available and their respective payment amounts - For example: $99 or 4 payments of $24.99.

Can I combine offers and discounts along with my WOWPerks+ points?

Unfortunately, no. In order to maintain the absolute best pricing we can share with our customers, we limit the use of promotional points/dollars on purchases.

Do you offer the ability to split payments across two payment methods for my purchase?

Not at this time, but we are looking into adding this feature. There are costs associated with multiple payment types used on the same order and that raises prices. We don’t like doing that at all.

Questions for Chinese Payment Methods

How do I pay with Alipay, UnionPay, or Wechat Pay?

Please load your cart and proceed to checkout. After you have entered your shipping address and selected your shipping method, please select the "Chinese Payment Options" you would like to use and hit the "Next" button. This will redirect you to the payment channel where you can complete your payment online.

Do you Ship to China?

No, at this time we do not ship products directly to China. Please choose a shipping address that is located in the United States.

What is the exchange rate?

All of our products are priced in USD, and exchange rates are determined by the payment channel, UnionPay, Alipay, and Wechat Pay, not us. Your exchange rate will be whatever the rate provided by your payment channel is on that day.

How can I track my order?

Upon completion of your purchase, we will send you a confirmation email and a follow-up with UPS tracking information.

Can I return my purchase?

Yes, you can return merchandise purchased on our website. To start the process, please contact us Monday – Friday 9 AM to 5 PM EST at 866-961-8463 or email customer service at for further inquiries. For more information, please view our return policy here.

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