The History of Rotary Watches

Founded in 1895 by watchmaker Moise Dreyfuss in La Chaux de Fonds Switzerland, Rotary Watches is an independent watch brand with deep roots in British history. Demand for newly found Rotary Company immediately grew and Dreyfuss sought to expand the company business and opened an office in 1907.

The Rotary brand rose to fame in England during World War II, becoming the official watch supplier of the entire British army. Consequentially Rotary watches were worn in just about every British household during the war and became immensely popular throughout the nation after the war. Rotary’s popularity in England was so immense, that the company moved its corporate headquarters to Great Britain after the war, while still remaining a member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry. 

Rotary Watches remains a family-owned and controlled company with distribution in over 35 countries today. Many Rotary watches are now produced in Japan and China, as well as Switzerland. The brand also owns the prominent, higher-end Dreyfuss & Company watch brand named after its founder and producer of premium Swiss-made timepieces for men and women.

In 2005, Rotary introduced the Dolphin standard seal on the dials and casebacks of its water-resistant watches, designating models that could be used to swim or dive-in all day. The brand’s Revelation Series featuring reversible wristwatches for men and women with two distinctive movements and dials debuted a year later.

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