The History of Perrelet Watches


In the world of horology, Perrelet watches hold a highly prestigious place.  In 1770 Swiss watchmaker Abraham Louis Perrelet introduced the first automatic timepiece with a pocket watch model designed to operate when the watch wearer started walking. It featured an oscillating weight that moved up and down. Prior to the creation of Perrelet’s self-winding mechanism, mechanical watches required manual winding almost daily to keep running effectively.

In the years just after the introduction of the self-winding automatic watch, Perrelet followed with the first timepieces featuring cylinder, duplex, calendar and equation escapements. Perrelet’s grandson Louis Frederic continued the family’s horological legacy in 1815 with the invention of an astronomical clock, resulting is his appointment as the watchmaker-mechanic to three French kings.

The Perrelet watch company today remains true to its origins and produces only premium crafted automatic timepieces for men and women. In 1995, the brand developed a double rotor caliber mechanism, which it introduced with Dipertos watch collection.

In 2009, Perrelet introduced a Turbine watch based on its double rotor system, placing the double oscillating weight of the dial and transforming the dial into a propeller that opens and closes almost simultaneously. 

The Perrelet Turbine automatic watches today remain widely popular for their innovative quality, premium craftsmanship as well as captivating eye-catching design.

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