The History of Nixon Watches


With a wide array of sports related wristwatches for active men and women, Nixon watches feature models created exclusively for surfers, snowboarders and skateboarders.  The brand was founded in Encinitas, CA in 1998 by Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna, who worked in the action sports industry and sought out to create watches that reflected their personal, active lifestyle.

The brand first sold in surf, skate and snow shops, immediately grew a following with surfers who came to depend on Nixon watches not just for their cool good looks, but for their tide-telling capabilities, along with graphic display of ocean information for over 200 beaches around the globe.

Nixon’s lightweight snowboard watches feature built-in thermometers with outside temperature display, an absolute essential element for snowboarders allowing them to be aware of sudden temperature changes which could alter their course. 

Nixon watches are sold in over 70 countries around the world today. The brand has extended its product assortment to now include apparel, leather goods and custom audio products.

The brand’s involvement in surfing and snowboarding extends more than just producing watches and apparel. Nixon sponsors many major snowboarding competitions, along with a Surf Challenge, which has been held on many popular European beaches for the past 14 years.

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