Maurice Lacroix

The History of Maurice Lacroix Watches


Maurice Lacroix's origins started in 1975 as a manufacturer of private-label timepieces for its parent company Desco. Like other prestigious Swiss watchmakers: Omega, Rolex and Vulcain, the Maurice Lacroix has no ties to a single individual or watchmaker. 

By the early 1980's, the private label's prominence and popularity were in such demand that Desco halted the production of third party timepieces at its Swiss manufacturing plant and introduced the Maurice Lacroix brand, featuring the premium quality and expert craftsmanship of its private label models.

Every element of the Maurice Lacroix's bespoke timepieces: from the intricate movements inside to the outer cases are produced expressly by Maurice Lacroix at their manufacturing facilities in the Canton of Jura, Switzerland.

In the early 1990's, Maurice Lacroix introduced the Masterpiece watch collection and the brand immediately rose to international acclaim for its precision automatic and mechanical timepieces for both men and women. Today the Maurice Lacroix brand is revered worldwide for its Masterpiece wristwatches as well as Pontos, Les Classiques, Miros, Fiaba and Eliros collections. Maurice Lacroix is also a partner with the prominent FC Barcelona Soccer Club, an affiliation that has led to the widely acclaimed and popular FC Barcelona watch series for men.  

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