For many generations, Bulova Watches have been an American time-keeping institution. Founded by Joseph Bulova in 1875, the company started its operations in lower Manhattan, the nucleus of the jewelry industry for New York City and the entire United States at the time.

Bulova has always been an innovator in American watchmaking excellence. In 1912, the brand became the first mass producer of timepieces in the world, when they opened a factory in Switzerland. In 1960 Bulova introduced 214 Wristwatch, an electronic timepiece that was guaranteed to be accurate within 2 seconds a day or one minute a month. 

The timepiece received early attention from NASA, who utilized the Accutron watch on its early space missions. The US government made use of the Accutron 214 in military satellites and delayed the commercial release of the watch to prevent the Soviet Union from obtaining the technology during the early years of the cold war. Later in the 1960's, Bulova introduced the Spaceview watch featuring a skeleton dial, the first mass-produced timepiece of its type.

Recently Bulova introduced new Ultra-High Frequency technology on their Accutron II and Precisionist quartz watch collections. The new technology features three-prong quartz technology that vibrates at 262 kHz per second instead of the standard two-prong quartz technology which vibrates at 32khz per second. The new Ultra-High Frequency delivers precise accuracy and a fluid sweeping second-hand movement that comes close to that of an automatic timepiece, unlike most quartz timepieces which have a pulsating second-hand movement.

In addition to the eponymous Bulova brand featuring precise Japanese movements, Bulova also has the Accutron By Bulova and Accu Swiss brands with Swiss-made craftsmanship, as well as the Caravelle New York fashion watch brand. 

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