DIY Watch Repairs

Do it yourself projects or DIY as it is classified today is popular with numerous projects from home improvements to auto repairs.  Changing the battery on your watch when it appears to stop running or removing links on a watch bracelet to comfortably fit the wrist are two projects many DIY home mechanics consider doing on their own.

There are certain things to take into account before considering either type of repair on your own. First and foremost, the warranty on almost all watch brands is voided if the case back is opened by an unauthorized service center.

In addition, wristwatches with water-resistance to 100 meters or more require pressure sealing once the case back is open. The sealing ensures air tightness that no water will be able to enter the chamber through the caseback. Unless you have the proper tools and apparatus to seal a case back your water-resistant watch may no longer be able to withstand water pressure and could easily be damaged if exposed to water.

The battery or batteries in many watches may not be easily accessible when the caseback is opened and you could easily damage the movements or mechanisms inside attempting to locate and change the battery. strongly recommends contacting our repairs department in regards to replacing the battery and service of your watch or contacting an authorized repair center to have your timepiece properly serviced and repaired.

Watch Bracelets

The bracelets on many new men's and women's watches are intended to be considerably larger on the wrist when you first purchase one and it is very easy to consider removing the links on the bracelet to comfortably fit your wrist. However, you need to have the proper tools on hand to remove the bracelet links. These tools are available to purchase and a few watch brands offer these tools for sale to the public. 

Before considering adjusting a watch bracelet yourself, you may want to consider that some watch bracelets are intricate in detail and may also require longer durations of time to properly remove the links. Another factor to consider is that you can easily scratch, dent or damage the bracelet while attempting to adjust the watch bracelet. recommends taking your watch to a local watch repair center to have the bracelet links properly removed in order for your new watch to comfortably fit the contours of your wrist.

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