Watch Batteries

Quartz Watch Batteries - When To Replace

Quartz watches are powered by batteries inside which will inevitably have to be replaced over a period of time. A battery in a quartz timepiece should last anywhere from two to three years before it has to be replaced. Quartz chronograph watches often use more battery power and may have to be replaced as soon as twelve to fifteen months.

Many quartz watches have simple battery indictors to inform you when the battery power is starting to fade. These indicators on an analog watch include the sweeping second hand skipping several seconds at a time, moving back and forth in the same spot or being completely stopped altogether.  

Many digital quartz watches have a low battery indicator on the digital dial informing you that the battery will soon need to be replaced. 

Both solar and kinetic quartz watches have hybrid batteries that rely on either the power of the sun or physical movement and do not normally require replacement providing the hybrid batteries are properly powered.

When you watch battery does need to be replaced, suggests having the battery replaced at a repair or service center authorized by the watch manufacturer. Selecting a non-authorized repair center to have the battery replaced, could void your entire watch warranty by the manufacturer.

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