Watch Winders

Watch collectors and horologists concur, that nothing equals the superlative precision and expert craftsmanship of an automatic timepiece. Both automatic and mechanical watches have held a high level of prestige for generations, notably for their impeccable quality, bespoke movements and skilled artistry. 

There's one drawback to owning both an automatic or mechanical timepiece and that is keeping them running. Mechanical watches which are highly regarded for their Old World workmanship and expertise, require manual winding on an almost daily basis.

Automatic watches rely on the movement and motion of the wrist. However, an automatic timepiece will wind down in a period of 10 to 72 hours when not in use, contingent on the power reserve inside. Unless you plan to wear your automatic watch on a regular basis, you may want to consider a watch winder, which is designed to replicate the movement of the wrist and keeps your automatic watch running properly. A watch winder is extremely beneficial to own, especially if you have several automatic watches.

A watch winder is specifically designed to preserve the power level of an automatic watch by rotating the watch on a turntable in intervals of four to six turns per minute in a clockwise, counterclockwise or a back and forth movement. The winder will run for a duration of time during a 24-hour period and will then automatically turn-off.

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