Moon Phase Watches

Moon phase wrist watches are among the most highly sought-after and prized luxury timepieces in the world today. These special timepieces available with mechanical, automatic and quartz movements follow the progression of the moon in its different phases… from new moon, first quarter and full moon to final quarter. 

A moon phase timepiece features the phases of the moon on a window of the watch dial. A rotating disc visibly presented through the aperture window highlights the portion of the moon as it’s seen from the Earth. This cycle from new moon to new moon on the dial is designed to capture the actual 29.53 day real-life moon cycle.

Some of the most prestigious watchmakers in the world, including Frederique Constant, Maurice Lacroix, Charmex, Victorinox, Lucien Piccard, Oris and Longines offer moon phase watches in their highly regarded collections. 

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