Fitness Watches

There’s no better way to get the most out of your daily work-out routine than with a fitness watch, especially one that not only tracks your daily progress but may also provides a real-time monitoring of your heart rate and also delivers an accurate display of the calories burnt. 

Fitness watches today are about more than just telling time and tracking your movement, many can now be synchronized with your smart phone, tablet and personal computer via apps and USB cables to chart your progress. 

No matter if you are out for a daily run in the neighbourhood, bicycling across town, mountain climbing in the Sierra Nevada, deep-sea diving off the Florida Keys, hiking in Colorado, skiing down the slopes in Utah, sailing in the Great Lakes or teeing off for a game of golf in the Berkshires, there is a fitness watch to chart your activity and keep you on pace and on target.

Many fitness timepieces from popular watchmakers Suunto, Nixon, Puma, Casio, Timex, and Adidas have pedometers and memory counters to track you movement, distance and time intervals. Others feature built-in compasses, altitude and acceleration indicators, storm alerts to avoid dangerous mishaps,  GPS location, latitude and longitude indicators. Some also suggests workout periods and the recovery period you’ll need after a workout to cool down.

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